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ICCT Live Briefing and Battle Rhythm Podcast

Public engagement is more important than ever. I have had a couple of recent opportunities to present my research on gender and extremism in some new formats.

ICCT Live Briefing:

Participating in this multi-researcher panel on Gender and Violent Extremism Today, was a real treat! The panel discussion was very interesting and covered a broad range of orientations to the topic. As a bonus, I got to present alongside people I have long admired but often have panel conflicts at conferences because topical splits between Far-Right extremism and Jihadist extremism (so cool!). I highly recommend checking out the recording of the live stream (details below). My presentation focused on the construction of ideal masculinity in the Manosphere and Far-Right.

Mattheis, Ashley A. “Constructing Ideal Masculinity in Manosphere and Far-Right Cultures Online.” ICCT Live Briefing on Gender and Violent Extremism Today. Hosted by the International Centre for Counter Terrorism – The Hague and the Institute of Security and Global Affairs – Leiden University. June 4, 2020.

Battle Rhythm Podcast:

After my visit to Ottawa last December to present at the CDSN /RCDS Year Ahead 2020 Conference hosted by the NPSIA program at Carleton University, I was invited to record an interview for their podcast. It was a fantastic conversation and I really enjoyed participating. The discussion covers my work on extremism and my doctoral research - so it is a nice overview of my work! Check it out via the link below:

Mattheis, Ashley A. “Year Ahead Interview.” Battle Rhythm Podcast, Hosts. Stephanie Von Hlatky and Steve Saidman. Carleton University and Canadian Security and Defense Network. April 29, 2020.


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