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Broadly, my research explores ways that media and popular culture act as sites of negotiation for communicative practices that (re)produce consent to cultural hegemony through the circulation of discourses of identity (i.e., race, gender, class, and sexuality, etc.). I approach phenomena through a blended specialization using critical Media, Cultural, and Rhetorical lenses to better understand the integration of persuasive forms, tools of identification, and mediated rhetorical acts common to digital cultures. As such, my work explores publics and publicities online that are rooted in discourses of identity to better understand how individuals’ and groups’ consent to hegemonic structures is manufactured through their quotidian experience.


A key goal of my research understanding how media and popular culture act as sites for negotiation of hegemonic processes with effects on political speech, strategies, and outcomes. To do this work, I use a variety of critical methods including critical media, cultural, visual rhetorical, and discursive analyses to explore media and popular phenomena from an intersectional perspective. Along with my PhD., I have completed a graduate certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies.

My dissertation, titled “Fierce Mamas: New Maternalism, Social Surveillance, and the Politics of Solidarity,” blends critical race, black feminist, and feminist informatics theory to analyze ways that motherhood works infrastructurally to (re)produce cultural hegemony. 

My independent teaching includes courses on Cultural Diversity; Gender, Communication, & Culture; Persuasion; and Interpersonal and Organizational Communication. I have also acted as the instructor of record and Graduate Student Coordinator for the Communication Department's Internships course.

In addition to my scholarship,  I have more than eight years of experience working with faculty research development and funding for academic research as well as more than a year of direct grant support on each of three major grant projects. 

PhD. in Communication


M.A. in Communication

B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies


 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Does the Institution Have a Plan for That? Researcher Safety and the Ethics of Institutional Responsibility
International Communication Association 
May 2021